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Ro Group Super White 2 Set halogen car headlamp bulbs H4 12V 60 / 55W, P43

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Cod produs: BL1220 Set 2 becuri auto cu halogen pentru far Ro Group H4 Super White, 12V, 60/55W, P43 Alegeti becul adecvat dupa ce consultati cartea tehnica a autovehiculului. Indicatiile noastre sunt strict orientative si nu pot inlocui recomandarile producatorului autovehiculului. Intotdeauna schimbati becurile in pereche. Inlocuiti becurile pentru faruri la cel putin 20.000 Km. Pastrati intotdeauna in masina becuri si sigurante de schimb. Caracteristici generale: Produse certificate in conformitate cu regulamentele ECE-ONU / ECE R37 (E-mark stantat pe soclul fiecarui bec), pentru utilizarea pe drumurile publice.

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Ro Group, Super White 2 set car halogen headlamp bulbs H4 12V 60 / 55W, P43

Choose the bulb properly after see the vehicle manual .
Our indications are guidance only and can not replace the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations.
always change lamps in pairs.
replace headlight bulbs for at least 20,000 km.
always keep bulbs and fuses in the car parts.

products certified in accordance with regulations ECE-UN / ECE R37 (E -Mark punching each bulb socket) for use on public roads.

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